Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My Boys


They get along so well together and they are so cute together. Everybody tells me that my son is really the mini version of hubby :-). Aren't they cute together? Seriously, I'm thankful for the family that I have. I'm thankful for having a wonderful husband like mine coz we communicate all the time no matter what will be the subject. We talk and talk and we agree on same thing when it comes to the discipline subject. I'd say that we're strict and cool parents at the same time. I am honestly proud on how we raised our son. He's very young still but he talks to us everyday like how his day was, about his friends, what he did right after school and if something bothers him. Right from the very start, we always tell him that he is absolutely free to tell us anything. Being a parent is quite difficult. I couldn't say that we're the best parents in this world but we are doing are very best to be the best one for our son and for our future children. He knows what I do in life, what I do for a living as well as with hubby, where we work and etc. Right at this very moment, he's even with me at a couch cushion asking me so many questions while writing this post.

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