Saturday, 29 May 2010

Happy And Contented

He'll be 6 months old next week. Yeah! He's absolutely big now and moves a lot. He keeps me busy all the time because he likes it when we give him all our attention, love, affection and care. It is very possible to tell that he is very happy when hubby and I are play with him. He's not a doll at all. He is just like the other baby who cries when hungry, when he doesn't feel good, tired or stressed yet very happy and lively when full and in good health. He does things every single day and it's just amazing how it feels seeing your child grows :-). Pretty obvious that I am a happy momma right? I'm just so blessed with so many things. I never thought that I'll be spending my time with my son and will be earning at the same time right in my own home. Everything is indeed possible. Thanks to my online revenue that never stops.Voila! Now will have to search for colon cleanse reviews before having my nails done.

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