Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My Blood Boils

I'm angry and disappointed. Why? Grgrgrg. They're eating my nerves up and I wanna kick their a--es. How I wish I could. Anyway, it's all about my dancing class. My blood was boiling when I heard these 2 ladies saying "oh it's kinda unfair. We were here the entire year working for the choreography while she, on the other hand just started last march and she'll be dancing for the gala"... See what I mean? It's absolutely not my fault if my professor will ask me to be a part of the show. I've always told them that I'm here to make up for those months when I wasn't allowed to do it because of pregnancy and it is absolutely not my fault if my prof will choose me to be part of it. De toute façon, I worked hard for it as well. Grgrgrg sorry folks but it's really grgrgrgr. Well, better gonna change the topic instead and to visit thermogenicfatburners.org in order change my bad mood. God bless to those 2 french ladies

1 comment:

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

hay naku if i were you lalapitan ko sila and tell them, go ask the teacher, or do you have a problem with that?