Saturday, 27 November 2010

No More Carbo Starting Nextweek

I'm posting this very late picture of the pasta I did because starting next week, no more carbo for me. That's my aim for myself so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My self-esteem is kinda low again because of my belly. It will be 3 months already next month since I started going to the gym but my belly is still the same. My friends said that it's smaller now compared before but I'm not happy with it. I work out that much, I only eat soup and green salad in the evening and belly fats are still there. Arrrgggg, it's so disappointing seeing myself with these bulging fats infront of the mirror. Next week, I'm going to make an appointment with my gyneco to ask her if this is normal or what. That's why starting next week, no more carbo for me but to eat only protein and veggies and fruits for dessert. Let's see if there'll be changes or not. Haaay! If no changes, I'd try much luck and visit and maybe I'll find something for myself.

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