Friday, 19 November 2010

Our Naughty Angel

Meet my naughty angel. He's big already right? I'm telling you, he loves to test me and his father all the time. He loves to do it all the time and to check how far he could go when he does or wants to do something. He loves it also when we cuddle him, hug him and kiss him all the time. Oh my goodness! His laughters kill us all the time. When we hear him giggling, all our stress are gone immediately. Haaay, we just love our little angel. For us, he'll always be a baby even if he gets bigger and bigger. Well, soon he'll be turning one so we're enjoying his last baby days. He crawls but he doesn't know how to walk yet. He's working on it very well and I'm pretty sure that he'll be able to walk very soon. He stumbles all the time but we always tell him not to be afraid as it is very normal and everytime he falls down, not to be afraid also to stand up on his own as we're not always around him. Now I realize why foreigners and french are very independent at an early age. Everytime I look at my son, it makes me say to myself that he's too young yet to understand all these things but hubby explains me why and why we'll be doing it. He has a point though. One funny moment that I love with my son is that he looks at me when I'm dressing myself up. He claps his hands when maybe he finds me pretty hahahaha and nags or does the baby talk when I am not (that's my opinion ha).

I'm off to bed now people. I just read the acne treatment reviews few minutes ago.


Avee said...

Your bébé is so cute! :)f

FRANCINE said...

thanks a lot Avee