Sunday, 9 January 2011


How's your 2011 so far my dear friends? Hope all is well and started the year right. Unbelievable isn't it that we're almost in the middle of January and soon will be February already. So far so good in my case. Started searching for a job and my son will be staying for 1 day at the halte-garderie in the next days. He'll be staying there for 30 minutes within this week for him to be able to adjust a little bit and I'll be with him the entire time. Next week, he'll be there for 1 hour (30 minutes alone together with the other children and I'll pick him up after 30 minutes). Thinking about this makes me paranoid already. Paranoid in a sense that it will be very strange for me not to hear his voice or not seeing him around when the time comes that he'll be staying there the complete day. It's breaking my heart already but it's for the best for 2 of us. I'll be able to look for a job, submit my CVs and maybe have my entretien whoever will be interested to hire me or maybe do the grocery. I'll surely be bringing my notebook computer next week with me all the time that way I won't get bored and will be able to post photos immediately once I'll find good deals.

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