Monday, 28 March 2011

+1 Hour

... that started yesterday morning and I was in bed the entire night. Why? Hmmm, ok, my ladyfriends and I went to the disco and I went back home at 6 in the morning already. So sunday, was a sleep day for me. Good thing that hubby took good care of my son and took my rule while I was in bed. Yeah, that's how kind he is. +1 hour certainly means that we lost 1 hour. Meaning, instead of waking up at 6 am (normal time), it's actually 7 am at present time. Raphaël and I were having a hard time for that this morning. Both of us woke up at 10 am (that was supposed to be 9 am normal time). Complicated isn't it? This also means that Pinas and France has 6 hours time difference so it's easy for me to remember the Pinas time. Voila! Oh, do you gals would pls recommend me an effective blackhead removal. I need a very good one really.

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