Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Guess what? I finally managed hubby to buy me some of the things that I need in redecorating the house. Last week, I bought a rectangular mirror,pailles and a huge jar for it which are all intended for the hallway. I only need a beautiful painting to hang at the wall and luckily, there's one that I love so much. For the dining room, I wanna change our dining table, dining chairs and to place this beautiful murale decor also. This decor is quite pricey 119 euros so I am still saving for that. For the bedroom, hubby and I finally agreed on 1 thing. It was too complicated for us before because he had his color preferable and I had different one also. Yeah! We discuss things and I keep on encouraging him and look for a way until I'll finally convince him. In the next days, outdoor lighting fixtures will be up :-).

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