Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Almost Done

Wow! I'm back once again. Been so busy these last days and I'm not done yet. Painted the living room and our bedroom and I have to remove those unwanted paints too. We changed some of our furnitures that we got from Ikea. Living room is almost finish, next will be our bedroom. Would like to install a plasma tv there because I can't touch the remote control when hubby's watching football. We'll have to change our bed too and our dressing. That's what's new with me. My son on the other hand is able to adjust in his new environment with his nanny. So far, so good. I have been so demanding to my husband these last days when it comes to the house. I hate clutters frankly speaking. So I do think, I shall reward him 2 or 3 designer clothes for men that I saw at the factory store :-). I'll post some photos soon when I'm completely done with my projects :-).

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