Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Home Sick Again

I'm missing my family back home and all I wanna do is to breathe and see my country, kababayans and my family in the next weeks. I wish it happens but this will be impossible. Airline ticket is expensive of course. Hayyyy :-(. If only we're rich, but unfortunately, we're not. My son is adjusting the new season too. I'm telling you, he, himself, hates wearing too many clothes at the same time especially wearing his coat. Poor baby but he has to. Another thing is, all these expenses here left and right are wearing me out. It's too hard to earn the money here but so easy to spend it. Tightened the budget more but no changes at all. France sounds a beautiful country. Yes, it is but only for vacation. It's too expensive to live in here especially if you're income is small. Oh well, that's the way how life is here. Good thing I have my small sideline from friends where I'm earning a little. Everytime a friend asks for psoriasis products, it allows me to have something in my savings in PI

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