Tuesday, 30 June 2009

4 Months Soon

Some people find it strange seeing me skinnier instead of gaining weight, thinking the fact that I'm pregnant. My normal weight is 44 kilos and 45 kilos when I eat much. I still have my 44 kilos weight but mostly of the time, I do have between 42+ - 43+ kilos only. My belly will be turning 4 months soon but my eating appetite isn't back to normal yet. I am still quite sensitive to my food intake and I still vomit as well. Mostly of the time, I only have a slice of bread in the morning & orange juice and eat fruits for lunch & dinner. Lucky enough if I'll be craving to eat meat or carbohydrates but this case is very rare on my part. On the other hand, I'm always sleepy, wake up very late in the morning and get tired very easily but I always drink plenty of cold water.

Melon is something that I want to always eat especially for lunch. Eating half of it already makes my day complete.


Imelda said...

wow so ur naglilihi for melon sis. ingat sis always. btw i have a tag for u at my site. I hope ul take. it is at www.mydailybusiness.net. thank u sis.

Ritchelle said...

WOW,if I didn't visit this blog I would not know that you are pregnant Sis. COngrats on the that great news.FOr sure you will be settled well in your new place. Prehas ta,mas maguwang lang ka ug one month. Dili man pod ko hilig kaon ug buntis ba. Lisud kaon sa? Pero your diet is better than mine kay never jud ko mokaon ug fruits haha. well,secret lang ni ato ha? Walay ubang nakahibalo.hehe.IM happy for you and your hubby. GOod luck! [yaw lang nya ni e publish akong comment ha?,thanks a lot]