Sunday, 28 June 2009

He is Mambobola

Success! Yes and I am very happy that my Maja Blanca turned out really tasty and good. This is the very first time I tried it because I never really had the guts nor the courage to cook it because of the ingredients. I mean, ingredients are very easy to find of course but I don't follow how many cups and grams of sugar shall I use and etc etc. That's my mistake and I hate it. I prefer to taste my cookings till my taste buds says yes. Funny but true. My husband loves it and he said that I can now have a resto and even said that frenchies will surely love it. Mambobola but I like it when he acts that way at times. How I wish he'll have a tongue from heaven so everything will all come true. Once I'll succeed, I'll surely buy a simple loan for the entire family. What a dream right? Oh speaking about boats, rv finance is the agency you can rely on for boat loans and boat finances. Check them if you'll qualify.

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