Wednesday, 15 July 2009

40+ Cartoons Already...Ouff!

In our bedroom


Living room (sshhhh hubby's busy packing)

Dining Room/Office room

Tomorrow will be a very tiring day for me and for my husband because we'll be moving to another apartment at around 8 in the morning. He's on a vacation leave till next friday but everytime we look the number of cartoons we have here, we do think that our entire time will be spent unpacking the entire things. Ouff! So far, we already have 40+ cartoons and we're not done yet. We have appliances and computers waiting for us still before this present apartment will be completely zero. We're tired but we don't have any other choice. We've decided to take advantage of the summer soon while the weather is good and my tummy's still small coz it would be uncomfortable for us especially for me once cold seasons come in. Voila! Courage to us!

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Analyse said...

bon courage! unpacking is a much harder job!