Friday, 31 July 2009

Will Send Them Balikbayan Boxes Soon

I'll be sending another balikbayan box very soon. A cartoon is already full filled with many stuffs and 2 or more boxes to go before I'll call my favorite shipping company. Family members asked me for camera phones (it's cheaper here than in PI, Mp3 players, soaps, lotions, more canned goods and perfumes. Hayyy, they're thinking I'm rich I think but I'll be granting their requests still and these boxes will serve as my Christmas gifts for them. I'm not going to give them any single cents at all because shipping cost itself would cost me more than a 100 bucks already.

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overnight delivery philippines said...

WOW Can anyone send me a balikbayan box too? Hehe We have no family who work or live abroad. I want to smell the balikbayan box because it smells imported.

Daniel Roberts