Monday, 20 July 2009

I Love Being A Pregnant Woman

Being a preggy woman and soon to be a mom is driving me crazy. Eversince we moved in this new apartment, baby and child's security are always my concern. I always remind my husband that wires must be property be kept and must be hidden especially if I'd like to work as an assistante maternelle soon right after giving birth. They're strict here when it comes to child's security. They'll be checking everything from wires to windows to everything to really make sure that any child will be 100% safe. Oh aside from that, we're almost done in unpacking our cartoons. I just arranged my baby's clothes and just realized that he/she has everything she/he needs very soon from the maternity till a month old. Only the furnitures are lacking now and hopefully soon I'll buy at leasts 1 preschool furniture if our budget permits us to do it so. I'm loving how I feel even if I'm tired.

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