Tuesday, 30 June 2009

4 Months Soon

Some people find it strange seeing me skinnier instead of gaining weight, thinking the fact that I'm pregnant. My normal weight is 44 kilos and 45 kilos when I eat much. I still have my 44 kilos weight but mostly of the time, I do have between 42+ - 43+ kilos only. My belly will be turning 4 months soon but my eating appetite isn't back to normal yet. I am still quite sensitive to my food intake and I still vomit as well. Mostly of the time, I only have a slice of bread in the morning & orange juice and eat fruits for lunch & dinner. Lucky enough if I'll be craving to eat meat or carbohydrates but this case is very rare on my part. On the other hand, I'm always sleepy, wake up very late in the morning and get tired very easily but I always drink plenty of cold water.

Melon is something that I want to always eat especially for lunch. Eating half of it already makes my day complete.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

He is Mambobola

Success! Yes and I am very happy that my Maja Blanca turned out really tasty and good. This is the very first time I tried it because I never really had the guts nor the courage to cook it because of the ingredients. I mean, ingredients are very easy to find of course but I don't follow how many cups and grams of sugar shall I use and etc etc. That's my mistake and I hate it. I prefer to taste my cookings till my taste buds says yes. Funny but true. My husband loves it and he said that I can now have a resto and even said that frenchies will surely love it. Mambobola but I like it when he acts that way at times. How I wish he'll have a tongue from heaven so everything will all come true. Once I'll succeed, I'll surely buy a simple loan for the entire family. What a dream right? Oh speaking about boats, rv finance is the agency you can rely on for boat loans and boat finances. Check them if you'll qualify.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #60

1.) To you, what makes the perfect body the perfect body?
- self-confidence is something that makes it perfect.

2.) What part of your body do you obsess about the most?
- my boobs hehehehe and tummy coz I wanna have a 23" waistline

3.) What makes a house a warm, welcoming, comfortable home?
- I guess choosing the right furnitures

4.) What fabric feels sexiest against bare skin?
- light fabrics

5.) What is the lamest lie you have heard in the last month?
- I heard somebody saying that curiousity is part of a person's sexuality...Do you agree?

6.) What always makes you feel better when you're upset?
- shopping as always lolz

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Right Pills

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Monday, 8 June 2009

Accidents Come When They Come

Do you guys hear the catastrophic news here in France? That AirFrance flight from brazil going to Paris? Based from the news yesterday, the plane exploded up in the air during the flight but of course there are no final announcements yet. Accidents like this is sad especially when the chances of discovering the bodies are very low. There were 6 or 7 children and 1 enfant on board and from the article I read, one monsieur said that mostly of the cadavre might be eaten by the sharks already. How sad right? Accidents come without anyone's knowledge really.

And speaking of accidents, I'll never forget the one I experienced when I was in Manila watching a film silently yet one restaurant was on fire. I guess, that was the worst accident I ever experienced so far and I was just so thankful that exit signs exist or else, I'm probably dead by now.

Friday, 5 June 2009

My Little Angel

Here are my baby's first shots that was taken yesterday noon during my ecographie. Hubby was allowed to enter inside the eco room and the doctor was very kind to explain us everything every single time she showed something to us on the monitor. Seeing our child moving so fast was really amazing especially when hearing the heartbeat. The feeling was undescribable and we were just smiling the entire time until we were in bed sleeping. My baby is already naughty because there was this time that she wanna search for this bone just above the spinal cord and the baby showed us his/her butt then moved once again. She thought that our angel wanna play hide and seek but the moment I said "baby, soit sage (baby, be kind)", he/she moved and gave us the best shot of the desired position that we were expecting. It was really funny yet cute. I'm a proud mama and I can't wait to have my angel on my arms :-)