Monday, 9 August 2010

How I wish I drive

Yeah! I am really wishing to drive very soon because it's so practical and useful for me. Tonight for example, we were supposed to go at the disco. Waited the bus for almost 20 minutes, the whole transpo to go at the center took us 10-15 minutes and then another waiting period for the taxi. Finally we decided to stay instead at the center instead of wasting our time for nothing. Seriously, I am really wishing that I know how to drive. Need to enroll at the driving school and look for an insurance for sure but hubby doesn't find it practical if I enroll and I don't practice what I learn as he won't allow me to use his car. Yeah! He's scared that I'll do something bad with his BM :-(. I'm always eyeing though just incase hubby decides to get another car.

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