Thursday, 26 August 2010

Soooooo Busy

Eversince we arrived here in Pinas, our sched is always so hectic until now. Many things to do left and right and I'm almost done. We'll be able to finally relax and enjoy our vacation once we'll be at the resort. Opened new accounts already, bought some stuffs for my family, finally have an internet connection with me even if we'll be at the province (yeeepeeee! business still continues) and etc. Tomorrow, 3 more things to do before heading to the province. Hopefully I'll really manage to finish all of these that way, I'll be able to really relax. I hate it when I can't accomplish all the things that I have to do you know. Yeah! That's how strict I am with my sched. When I want to do something in a specific day, I really wanna follow it as possible as I could or else, I'll be disappointed. Do you feel the same way? And ohhh! Anyone here has Medicare part D plan?

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