Monday, 30 August 2010

Find It Unfair

2 fabulous gifts! Yes and that's what I got from hubby. It's unexpected and I never thought that he'll be giving me something again. The only thing I knew is that the bag he bought me last july was already his birthday gift for me but no, he bought something again. Thanks hubby! I am spoiled yes and I am thankful to my husband for being so generous. Honestly speaking, I'm shy because he offers me things that I cannot afford and when I give him something, it's a kind of gift that he could have anytime he wants because it's affordable and cheap. I don't have a job at the moment so when I offer him something, it's only a present that I could afford and nothing more. Though he understands me all the time but I just find it unfair. Hopefully if I'll manage to save, I'll buy him designer ties to make up those celebrations without nothing.

He's Perfect

Hubby and I just realized how perfect our son is. He's kind, sleeps well at night, he doesn't gives us any problem and he adjusts easily to his environment. Never had any problem with him at all. Yes, he cries during our flight and when we arrived in Manila but we do understand him because that was his very first long voyage and everything's new for him. After assuring him that we're here for him, he behaves well. Today and yesterday, we even brought him at the pool and he loves it so much (just like daddy). He swims and pedals in his own way and is always smiling. We were actually surprised to see him like that coz we thought that he'll be scared but he's not at all.

A Choice To Make

We're at the resort right now. Everything is so good and it feels good to be really back home except for the internet connection. I have my wireless smart bro prepaid kit with me but goodness, the connection is very slow and works like a turtle. Because of this, I have decided not to post any items for this batch. Meaning, I have no job while we'll be here at the resort and business will resume on September 9 once I'm back at the city. I have no choice but to do it because it's too hassle for me to go at the down to rent a pc plus the transpo is very expensive also. We'll, it's a choice.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Helpful Reviews

Wow! Those netbook reviews are really helpful. Thank you so much guys. I'll never know what to do without those reviews. Because of it, I have finally decided which netbook shall I buy for my bro. He needs it for his course and for the entire family also to communicate with me easily. Toshiba, Acer Aspire and Asus netbooks were my choices before and because I'm a big dummy when it comes to gadgets, hahaha it was too difficult for me to understand the different specs. Funny but absolutely true. So folks, why not share a netbook review also. That way, other buyers will have an idea also of a specific product.

Soooooo Busy

Eversince we arrived here in Pinas, our sched is always so hectic until now. Many things to do left and right and I'm almost done. We'll be able to finally relax and enjoy our vacation once we'll be at the resort. Opened new accounts already, bought some stuffs for my family, finally have an internet connection with me even if we'll be at the province (yeeepeeee! business still continues) and etc. Tomorrow, 3 more things to do before heading to the province. Hopefully I'll really manage to finish all of these that way, I'll be able to really relax. I hate it when I can't accomplish all the things that I have to do you know. Yeah! That's how strict I am with my sched. When I want to do something in a specific day, I really wanna follow it as possible as I could or else, I'll be disappointed. Do you feel the same way? And ohhh! Anyone here has Medicare part D plan?

Dinner With Clients

I was so busy with my food coz it was so yummy. Here's my business partner enjoying her food

Enjoyed our dinner tonight with my regular clients. I organized it for them as a way of saying thank you to them personally and other way of knowing them as well. Everybody was full and enjoyed our yakiniku dinner including hubby himself and my son. It feels like these ladies and I were close friends and just had the chance to see eachother again but the truth is, we just knew eachother months ago when I started my onliness business. Thank you kept on coming out from my mouth and yes, I'm so thankful because they still patronize my store even if they know other online sellers. It feels so good and I consider this as a big blessing.

Voila! I'll be posting more pix later on after searching for health insurance in nc. A friend of mine has been begging me about it

Sunday, 22 August 2010

I Shop At

Browsed the different and newest netbooks online and wow! There are so many interesting models. So tempting! Though mine works well but changing it to another one is really something that's running in my head. Well, not so practical for me but for my bro, absolutely a big yes especially if I'll surprise him one via Oh yea! I always shop at this store and I never had or have any single regret. So far, the quality and service and the prices fit me so well.

Promotional Products

4 months from now and it will be Christmas. How time flies so fast. Are your pockets ready? You'd better be but no worry because promotional products is on the rescue anytime of the year. You'll surely find the best things on line without spending that much with these promos and your loved one's will surely love it. So what are you waiting for? Start making your Christmas list and shop them one by one. Better to shop in advance to make sure that you'll never forget anything else and everybody has something, ain't it?

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Kohler Kitchen Faucet

Kohler kitchen faucet? You should have a faucet update now and change your old and very common faucet. Admit it, it feels good seeing our own home like a hotel or like the models we saw at the magazine. I'm telling you, it's a good investment even if it's quite pricey but you'll never regret it. I don't have one but a friend of mine yes. Until now, their faucet works so well and it looks good as new even if they have it more than a year ago already.

Iphone 4

Newest iphone version is now available everywhere. Got one for yourself already? If yes, then, you're so lucky. Iphone 4 seems not bad at all. No idea yet how it is as mine is the 3GS version only. One thing I'm only sure is that this new iphone 4 will be a sure hit for christmas gift this year. Wanna beat? Aside from that, iphone 4 accessories as well.

Business Ventures

Who would have thought that this business venture of mine will succeed. At first, the only thing I said was to see how it will work. Try and error in short. Spent too much time at first, tried to follow strictly my time sched and voila, here I am right now, everything goes so well. It's been a long time that I searched for cheap and affordable online stores that sell wholesale clothes. Now, I have very good contacts and the owners of these stores are now my friends. It's an achievement for me and hope this will continue.

Monday, 9 August 2010

How I wish I drive

Yeah! I am really wishing to drive very soon because it's so practical and useful for me. Tonight for example, we were supposed to go at the disco. Waited the bus for almost 20 minutes, the whole transpo to go at the center took us 10-15 minutes and then another waiting period for the taxi. Finally we decided to stay instead at the center instead of wasting our time for nothing. Seriously, I am really wishing that I know how to drive. Need to enroll at the driving school and look for an insurance for sure but hubby doesn't find it practical if I enroll and I don't practice what I learn as he won't allow me to use his car. Yeah! He's scared that I'll do something bad with his BM :-(. I'm always eyeing though just incase hubby decides to get another car.