Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Coffee Break

Am I a coffee lover? Hmmm, not really. I can only accommodate either a cup of brewed coffee or a medium-sized glass of frap but I prefer fraps honestly. I love fraps very much but the sad part is that it’s only available in McDo (in my area). I miss Starbucks honestly but we don’t have one here in Bordeaux. The last time I went in Paris, my eyes sparkled like stars when I instantly saw this Starbucks chain there.

Going out and drinking for a cup of coffee is part of the french daily lives. Yes, coffee is always present in every after meal and Armagnac won’t be complete without it. Frenchies have their own coffee maker and Keurig K-Cups too. See? They love good things in life and in everything. Frankly speaking, I like how they enjoy their life and socialize their peers. I like the idea of inviting somebody like a friend for a drink in one of the good cafés at the center but my friends are always busy. It’s either they’re working or they’re at school.

Speaking about Keurig K-Cups, there’s an interesting offer online at There’s this free shipping for 6 or more boxes or you only pay $10.49 per box for 10 or more boxes.

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