Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Craving For Sushis & Other Foods

Honestly, I ate more these last days especially when the week just started. Hubby noticed that and said that I ate like a pig hehehehe. I seriously don't have any idea if it is because of my upcoming period or what. My body is in pain but never experienced nausea and dizziness in the morning. The other day for example, I was craving for sushi and instantly ordered it and have it delivered here at home. After that, I liked to ate panini and chicken as well and immediately ordered it at the nearby pizza shop in my area. Ouff, good there there's this new pizza store in the neighborhood plus they offer deliveries as well to different houses and offices. Cool eh?

Anyway, eating and taking pics are one of the things I do these last days using hubby's camera. I guess he's going to hand it down on me and will buy another Olympus camera.


Carolyn said...

hi franz...hey, maybe you're preggy? hehehhehehe

anyway, advance HAPPY EASTER to you :-)

FRANCINE said...

na preggy ba nga dili cguro oi kay work osa heheh ikaw?

Carolyn said...

abi nako buntis ka franz...dili pa lagi ko buntis oi..i will be very happy ug mabuntis ko...saun, kaliwat man sa kaliwatan ko ani oi hehehhe