Saturday, 18 April 2009

Decision To Make

Summer will soon be coming and we started searching for an apartment or a house. Why? I'll be announcing something soon but for the mean time, it will remain a secret. Our target is to move somewhere this coming summer and to take advantage of the good season. We're hesitant for the mean time if we'll be searching for a place at the city or somewhere that would require us to drive 30 minutes everytime we go Bordeaux Centre. It's a choice and a decision to make. The good thing about living somewhere far from the city is that it is possible to find houses that cost 800+ euros rental per month with 4 bedrooms and pool while here at the main city, it will be an apartment only with 2 bedrooms. To have a pool will surely be great especially when the season is good. Hubby and I can enjoy the sun and have pool floats lounges and we can even invite our friends to come over. On the other hand, that would mean I have to drive everyday (back & fouth) for my bellydancing classes.

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Analyse said...

announcing something soon?? hmmm.. preggy?