Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I'm Pregnant Finally

YES! Baby on the way

....and absolutely a big YES!! My very tiny baby inside my tummy is now 4-6 weeks old. It took me quite sometime to announce this because I really waited for my gyneco appointment and that was yesterday. This is one of the many reasons as well why I was gone for several days because nausea was eating me up, I vomitted mostly of the time plus my eating appetite changes from time to time. I feel better now but different compared before coz I have to pay attention to the things I'm doing, shall we say extra careful, have to eat healthy and nutritious foods as well. For the moment, my eating appetite is something that doesn't goes back to normal yet (I eat less) and I'm always sleepy. Our respective families are very happy and my dancing class just found out the news lastnight and all of them were very happy for us too. Hubby and I are very content but nervous. We both read the pregnancy book and both discover at the same time the development of the tiny embryo inside my tummy.

This pregnancy test was 2 weeks old already lolz. I took a shot of it the moment we got the result but the thing is, it's stored in my laptop and my laptop doesn't work now. See? It looks like there are algaes now.


Carolyn said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!! congrats franz. I told're pregnant! I'm so happy for you I wish I will be the next hehehhehe

Glenda said...


FRANCINE said...

thanks gals :-). im happy yet nervous at the same time

caro, dont worry kay ikaw na ang sunod hehehe

carlota said...

oi- congratulations to you both.

By the way i'm in the process cleaning out my blogroll if you have time please check my BlogRoll thanks.

Take care.