Wednesday, 29 April 2009

I'm Pregnant Finally

YES! Baby on the way

....and absolutely a big YES!! My very tiny baby inside my tummy is now 4-6 weeks old. It took me quite sometime to announce this because I really waited for my gyneco appointment and that was yesterday. This is one of the many reasons as well why I was gone for several days because nausea was eating me up, I vomitted mostly of the time plus my eating appetite changes from time to time. I feel better now but different compared before coz I have to pay attention to the things I'm doing, shall we say extra careful, have to eat healthy and nutritious foods as well. For the moment, my eating appetite is something that doesn't goes back to normal yet (I eat less) and I'm always sleepy. Our respective families are very happy and my dancing class just found out the news lastnight and all of them were very happy for us too. Hubby and I are very content but nervous. We both read the pregnancy book and both discover at the same time the development of the tiny embryo inside my tummy.

This pregnancy test was 2 weeks old already lolz. I took a shot of it the moment we got the result but the thing is, it's stored in my laptop and my laptop doesn't work now. See? It looks like there are algaes now.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Diet Pills

Apidexin, Fenphedra, Lipovox are the 3 top seller diet pills you'll find on the market and that's based from the research I did. One of these pills might be the right one for you just incase you're planning to buy one or if you wanna try a diet pill for yourself. So far, the different reviews I found from a certain site regarding these 3 pills are not bad at all. Buyers and consumers who have tried said that it really works plus it's not heavy on the pocket as well.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My Laptop Is D-E-A-D

comp crash Pictures, Images and Photos

My laptop is dead as in DEAD! Grgrgg and it's very disappointing. Though hubby said that we'll buy another one but the thing is, I have many files stored in my laptop that are very important to me including my work files and other stuff. I don't know what the problem is but my laptop screen is totally black and I see nothing even if I plug and unplug it a hundred times. It started last sunday and till now, there's no single improvement about it no matter what tricks I do on it. Can anybody tell me how to recover my files from my laptop? I really need help regarding this matter. I was thinking of searching for a computer technician but dear, the charges would cost me almost the price of the new pc.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

A Nice Compliment I Got

I got a very nice comment from my fellow ladies at the dancing class. I was dancing together with my prof and mostly of them told me that I have improved a lot. They said that I'm more graceful now and even commented that lively choreographies are very perfect for me. I was blushing when I heard this because I wasn't expecting it at all. The only thing I do is to enjoy the class and to learn at the same time. Hubby and I were only here at home for the lenten season but I am really greatful that I took advantage of this dancing intensif courses I had and so thankful to my husband for allowing me to have this one of a lifetime offer. I am taking this hobby of mine very seriously because I'd like to open a dancing school somewhere (years from now) here in France and maybe to a serious bellydancing school in Cebu. These ideas make me excited frankly speaking but I do know from myself that I really have a lot of things to do before these things will come true. I'm patient for that and I love what I'm doing.

Voila the good news. Next in line for tonight will be to make a research for this Colonix program. I just heard about it from a friend as we were talking about health issues and keeping one's self fit. Hmmm, this sounds interesting.

Decision To Make

Summer will soon be coming and we started searching for an apartment or a house. Why? I'll be announcing something soon but for the mean time, it will remain a secret. Our target is to move somewhere this coming summer and to take advantage of the good season. We're hesitant for the mean time if we'll be searching for a place at the city or somewhere that would require us to drive 30 minutes everytime we go Bordeaux Centre. It's a choice and a decision to make. The good thing about living somewhere far from the city is that it is possible to find houses that cost 800+ euros rental per month with 4 bedrooms and pool while here at the main city, it will be an apartment only with 2 bedrooms. To have a pool will surely be great especially when the season is good. Hubby and I can enjoy the sun and have pool floats lounges and we can even invite our friends to come over. On the other hand, that would mean I have to drive everyday (back & fouth) for my bellydancing classes.

New Venture

I've made my decision early this month and immediately sent my resignation letter to my boss. She said too bad because my afternoon bosses like the way I work as well as the other employees as well. Seriously, I wanted to try a new venture in my life and maybe to have a new job experience as well and let's say I wanna work longer hours too. With my present job, I work 12 hours per week only and it's not enough for me. I wanted to work 25 hours minimum to 35 hours if possible. My interest is more on the sales career world for the moment. I started submitting my CVs and motivation letter already so hopefully there'll be at least one store who'll be interested.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday 5 for April 17: The Great Outdoors

When did you last sleep in a tent?
- years ago when I was in highschool. I was a scout before and I joined it because I love campings shhhh.

What comes to mind when you think about relieving yourself in the great outdoors?
- I actually love it. I mean, I'm not a 24/7 sophisticated type of a woman but outdoor is fun. You'll have the chance to breath fresh air, hear the birds singing early in the morning and other stuffs.

Where’s the best place you ever went camping?
- The one I had so far was in Cebu in Camp Marina. It was our national jamboree at that time and all the representatives of each school were there. It was fun meeting new people and discovering their talents and how they worked as a team.

What’s your favorite camp food?
- corned beef, noodles
What’s your sleeping bag like?
- just a normal sleeping bag that I could easily use anytime I want. I hate big stuffs coz it's heavy

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Craving For Sushis & Other Foods

Honestly, I ate more these last days especially when the week just started. Hubby noticed that and said that I ate like a pig hehehehe. I seriously don't have any idea if it is because of my upcoming period or what. My body is in pain but never experienced nausea and dizziness in the morning. The other day for example, I was craving for sushi and instantly ordered it and have it delivered here at home. After that, I liked to ate panini and chicken as well and immediately ordered it at the nearby pizza shop in my area. Ouff, good there there's this new pizza store in the neighborhood plus they offer deliveries as well to different houses and offices. Cool eh?

Anyway, eating and taking pics are one of the things I do these last days using hubby's camera. I guess he's going to hand it down on me and will buy another Olympus camera.

Tons Of Membership Cards

I was rearranging the stuffs inside my 2 wallets and found out that I have tons of membership cards inside. Didn't even realized that I have pas mal de points chez Pimkie and these points can be converted to a check the next time I shop their boutique. Aside from that, I have this Morgan membership card as well and I didn't even use it even just once especially when there are VIP sale going. Waaaa! I missed so many things and I regret it. I just segretated all my cards minutes ago. 1 specific wallet will be for membership cards arranged in alphabetical order while the other wallet is for my passport, identification cards and credit card. Hope this idea of mine works.

Friday, 3 April 2009



1. Angel or not, I will always support you in everything as long as what you're doing is not against the law.

2. Love and cherish me (charing) any way you want me.

3. As my mother used to say, you're full of talents and you must develop it.

4.I always take a nap after I'm done working out or doing something strenuous.

5. Even in the most crowded of rooms confidence in me still boost..

6. Friday is a day fraught with peril.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to take a rest and have a tasty dinner, tomorrow my plans include working and attending my dancing class again and Sunday, I want to sleep all day long!