Thursday, 6 November 2008

Building A House In Philippines

What's making me busy these last days? Browsing for country-side house plans :-). It's my aim to build a nice house on that empty lot I bought last year. It's a long-term investment and I want it to be really perfect, a place that I can call my home in Philippines. I want the modern style while hubby prefers country-side designs. Country-side houses are not bad as well because it's good in one's eyes and it's simple yet elegant at the same time. We both saw several designs last night but no final decision yet but at leasts, we now have an idea as to how it will be. The partitions and everything will be my idea. I'm starting to draw my own plan inside of this house and how I want it to be like how many bedrooms, toilet and bath and etc. Now the question is, do you guys hired an architect or an engineer when you have your house constructed? How much did it costed you? Are permits required? Insurance necessary?

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Simply_Haze said...

WOW, that is great looking house! Btw, about my house sa province man to namo for my parents man dili ra kaau mahal kay may own Papa is a good architect himself only for me, lol. Bitaw, so naka less ko about hiring architect. You can actually design your own house. Builder wise, uu hire jud ka ana yads. Hmmmm....puhon unta plan ko sa City para ma stayhan namo whenever I go visit pero mga couple years from now pa sad. Tiwason sa nako for my parents sa Daanbantayan, hehe. Bitaw yads uy good investment gyud na. Goodluck. Sa building permit dali ra man na. Amoa..nikuha lng me sa Mayor's office then after a week na approve dayon.