Thursday, 27 November 2008

Foggy Thursday Morning

This was something that surprised me this morning when I opened our windows. It was foggy yet it was 10 in the morning already. Now, it is only 9 degrees celsius outside but sunny and to think, we're still in automn. Strange but it only shows that winter will be here very soon. Everybody's wearing their winter outfits already and simply disregard automn. People are using their respective gloves when out and even a bonnet. Unbelievable! I on the other hand is still using my ballerin shoes. I guess I have to put it inside the close and adopt the temperature as I don't feel really that good this morning. I was feeling like I'm going to have a fever or colds but I hope not. Voila! Here's the pic that shows how foggy it was here this morning.

This coming weekend, it's expected to snow as temperature will e -1. I'm excited as it's strange for bordeaux to be snowing.

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Analyse said...

that scene is almost everyday here in dijon. it already snowed last week.. and i think they announced snow tomorrow too.. hayy, kainis.