Thursday, 27 November 2008

Ticket Reservation using PAL's Site

I was pissed off when I made an online reservation using PAL's website. As I am responsible for the tickets for our upcoming flight this coming january, I prefer to reserve our tickets in advance but with PAL, their site is always down. I don't understand why. I've been trying to do it since last week until yesterday afternoon but because I found it too much, I decided to give them a call instead (long distance). Yeah, I made a reservation by calling their 24 hours customer service and did the reservation by having a long distance call. It's such a hassle because I had to wait for someone to entertain me for almost 30 minutes. They told me that maybe my credit card is something that's not accepted in their program. What??? That's unbelievable because I'm having visa and as far as I know, it works everything in this world. Told hubby that maybe I should submit for a new credit card application at the bank but he sees no connection at all between PAL and my card. He's right and I'm hoping that PAL's site will be more user-friendly.


anneberly said...

huh,, what do you's a pinoy site... well sorry to say this, but most of our system are junk in the Philippines including the Government officials... grrr!!

Anyway thanks for the visit Francine.. Life is good and cold here in Toronto
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Anonymous said...

hehehe kalma lang Inday ma heart attack ka dha bitaw always bitaw na cla hehehhe