Friday, 7 November 2008

Ski Season Coming

Tant pis!

Must be beautiful up there when it's sunny *grin*

Last weekend was spent à Lourdes. It wasn't exactly in the plan but I did told my husband that I'll be going there by myself without him if he's not interested. I scared him I guess coz I was really searching for TGV tickets (back & fourth) and even told him how much it cost. Goodness! The tickets are very affordable. The cheapest one was 20+ euros and the most expensive I found was 30+ euros. After telling this to my husband, he then decided that he'll be coming with me and searched for a hotel there without any hesitation lolz. Anyway, the weather at that time wasn't good but people kept on flocking in and out. It was freakin' cold but it didn't stopped anyone even me! On our way back home (sunday), we were thinking of going there in Pyrennees for me to see how it is there and the ski stations but unfortunately, we didn't managed to do it because it was foggy, the roads are going up and was raining. But despite of that, it's very obvious everywhere that the mountains are filled with ice now and soon, people will be skiing. Voici the proof (taken while hubby's driving & I taking photos)


simplymama said...

oog golly what a beautiful view you got. Next time don't made him scared heehhehe your tough you went there by yourself.

gagiers said...

wow, this is a nice view. i'm looking forward to ski hehehhee..kumosta na franz?dugay naman ko wala ka lili dire..

have a nice weekend

Stine said...

I do miss France... Never been to Lourdes though.
Long time no see, Cherie - thought I'd pop by and see how you were...