Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Apple Tarte

My very first try-out in making a tarte. Ever! I was desperate months ago to make any kinds of tarte but never had the guts to try it out as I don't want to take the risk. When my mother-inlaw showed me how to do it, I promised myself that I'll really make an apple tarte for hubby and for myself and I did it tonight while our preparing dinner. It's very easy and simple to prepare plus it tastes good as well. I poured natural gelatin on the top to avoid any dryness appeal of the tarte especially the apples.

Thanks to my mom-inlaw for the patience in showing me her own tarte version :-)


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

apple pie ang gusto ko aralin, but i dunno a lot of things come up pag binabalak ko na gumawa, haaaay

Simply_Haze said...

WOW! Looked like a tasty Apple Tarte...btw, got you tag day, grab it if your not busy lang....


JeFf & NoVa said...

na.. kalami ba ani francine ju... naglaway jud ko aning gibuhat sa imong inlaw ba...

sige lang kay akong pabuhaton akong bana ani.. hahahaha..

musta na diri francine? busy?
nahuman ko na diay imong gi-tagged nko atong kupong2x pa diri i-check lang ug makalugar ka..


Happy Friday!