Saturday, 5 July 2008

New Wordpress Theme Will Be Revealed Soon

It has been quite sometime since the last time I changed my wordpress template. I'll honestly admit that I've been thinking of changing it these last days for a fresher look of my blog for this summer. Goodness! I am just so busy and hopefully I'll be able to really spend my time in my wordpress blogs. I have found 2 wordpress themes that I love very much but for the mean time, I'll keep it as my big secret. The only thing that I'll be telling you my friends is that those themes that I choose are very perfect for me because both are in pink :-). Searching for a new template too? Have a look at


Susan said...

Make sure to also check out New Wordpress Themes dot net!

Kandice said...

Hello, how are you?
I was doing an internet search for belly dance classes in France and came across your blog. I live i the U.S. and have been seriously thinking about moving to France.
How long have you been there and how is the belly dance community there. I take classes in Washington, DC. I really want to travel there but don't even know where to start? Any suggestions?!
I am on Blogger: Smitty's Shoes
or Facebook: Kandice Smith
Merci, bon weekend!

FRANCINE said...

susan thanks for the link you gave me

FRANCINE said...

kandice, i do understand that you wanted to go here one day and i think you should visit paris first before anything else and see the eiffel tower. after that, you can go anywhere you want :-). france is a beautiful country