Monday, 21 July 2008

What A Life

Other people may think that life in a foreign country like Europe is very easy. They always think that it’s very easy to earn many moolah and you’re rich. This kind of thinkings are absolutely not true! True that it’s easy to earn some money but you really have to work for it before you’ll get it. Life here is expensive and fast so you really have to get along and follow the flow of life in this foreign world. The language itself is the first obstacle we encounter but no matter how hard it is and no matter how long it will be for us to really speak the language perfectly, we still strive hard and look for a job for us to be able to send some money to our families back at home. I know that I am kinda emotional here but I just hate it when people think this way.

Ok, cool down Francine! Have to check commercial collection agencies then and maybe I’ll find my luck here.


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

kala nila once you are in a foreign land nagmimina ka ng pera.

Analyse said...

oh, you said it right. money isn't growing on trees here.. and we need to save up for our future because culture here is different.. we cant really rely on our kids because they would have a life of their own, right? .. but well, you just need to explain that to your family, right? to other people, you just have to ignore them..

Imelda said...

Yeah, you are right sis. But, believe me along with that is their pride that a family is abroad.

In the Philippines or in abraod, family will always be asking for help, especially if ur the one who is well-off. thats our culture sis, right?

Coach Stevie said...

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anneberly said...

Funny but most pinoy back home think that lving in a foreign land is easy. That money is easy. I totally agree with you Francine.. I wish I could earn my money here in Canada and use it in the Philippines.. Ganda siguro ng bahay ko..hehehe.. Unfortunately we have to use it here.. Have a great day Francine
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FRANCINE said...

oi mga girls tama mga comments ninyo.haiii,,, they'll change their thoughts i guess pag sila na mismo will experience it kung anong klaseng buhay ang andito