Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Majority of the people who knows me will always describe me as an adventurous type of a woman and a great traveller. Eversince I was in PI, I always set a budget for my travel expenses each month and travelled a place all by myself. Yes! You hear it right my friends. I am not scared at all to explore a certain place even if I have no one to accompany me. The only thing that I depend on until now when it comes to trave subject are the travel planning sites like GeckoGo for example. I am a perfectionist and when I travel, I really want it to be perfect and memorable.

Speaking about GeckoGo, this site will surely be your bestfriend if you consider yourself as an independent traveller. Members share their travel experiences in GeckoGo community and you too can show the places where you’ve been so that the other members may have an idea too. By sharing eachother’s travel experiences, everybody can get the best suggestions on the different places and the perfect time to do it. Me and my friends rely GeckoGo all the time especially this summer and I do believe that you’ll find this site very informative once you’ve tried it.

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