Sunday, 10 June 2007

Basic French

Learning french language isn't easy at all and it doesn't happen for 1 night only. You must have the interest to learn the language and you must have super patience as it is quite difficult. What makes it difficult? First, the pronunciation. The way it is written and the way it is pronounced it completely different. Second, each verb has it's own conjugaison from first person singular form to the 3rd person plural form. 3rd, everything has a gender here. For example: a chair is a feminine form, Cambodia is a masculine form. Each phrase must coordinate to eachother but it isn't bad to have an incorrect grammar at all. Besides, it's part of learning right? What is interesting in travelling here in France is not just the tourist attractions here or the very famous Eiffel Tower but the language itself. I tell you, if you can interact with others even just the simple words or phrases, it feels good. It is a challenge. So right now, I am sharing you some of the basic french just incase you'll visit me here in France hehehehe....OPPPS

Bonjour = Good morning (bonjor)
Bon apres-midi = Good afternoon (bon apre medi)
Bon soir = Good evening (bonswa)
Bon nuit = Good night (bonwe)
Bonne soirée = Have a great/wonderful evening (bonsware)
Je parle (un peu de) français = I speak (a little) French.
(je parl ang po do frangse)
Parlez-vous anglais ? = Do you speak English? (parleyvos angle)
Que veut-dire ___ ? = What does ___ mean? (ke vo-dir)
Comment dit-on ___ en français ? = How do you say ___ in French? (komong ditong)
Répétez, s'il vous plaît = Repeat, please. (repete sil vos plet)
Plus lentement = More slowly (plus longtomong)
Encore une fois = One more time (angkor on fwa)...tama ba ana?
Je ne comprends pas = I don't understand. (je nu komprond pa)
Je ne sais pas = I don't know (je nu ses pa)
J'ai une question = I have a question (ji une kestyon)
J'ai un problème = I have a problem (ji ang problem)
oui= yes (we)
non = no (no)
si = yes (in reponse to a negative question) (si)
d'accord = OK (dakor)
et / ou = and / or (e, o)
qui = who (ke)
quoi = what (kwa)
quand = when (kong)
où = where (o)
pourquoi = why (porkwa)
comment = how (komong)
Merci beaucoup = Thank you very much (mersi boco)
Please = s'il vous plaît (sil vo ple)

If you need tutorial, you can hire me at a cheaper price hehehehe just kidding. So pano, punta na kayo dito ASAP

NOTE: pronunciation requested by Girlie. sensya na, hirap ng vowels on how I'll write it down here


marie said...

eh ang hirap namang ipronounce mga words na yan, iba spelling pero iba din and sound, he he thnaks for the tutorials.

marie said...

ay mali! thanks i mean.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

oist dapat may matching pronunciation para masaya, di ko na kelangan mag aral sa alliance, harhar

Francine said...

ayan me pronunciation na kaya lang hirap ng vowels. rgrrrrr sana it helps.isip pa ako what will i do with the vowels