Monday, 18 June 2007


(L-R) Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Loha, Heidi Klum, Kimberly Stewart

Is this the new fashion for summer? I have seen some people wearing this kind of sandals here in Bordeaux. It is called as Spartan or Grecian sandal. Several hollywood people are wearing it as it is cool, chic and simple and is very perfect for the upcoming summer. Pair this sandals with shorts, leggings or a simple dress and you will be in the so called "à la mode". More and more boutiques here too are offering more colors in this new trend so anyone has a wide range of choices according to their taste. It is very chic too if you wear with a pair of shorts and a colored/striped or plain top, accessorize it with some nice bracelets and for sure you will be the headturner whereever you will be going. One thing I like about this, coz it is flat and it feels like you are just wearing slippers. Admit it that it is comfortable wearing flats sometimes right and giving our feet some break from stilletos. So grab yours now...


Anonymous said...

i see here also some young ladies wearing this sandal and its so cool they are very comfortable pabili ako ni mister kaya lang sobra laki paa ko la size heheh

Lucille said...

uso nga yan ngayon, francine! i'm actually selling them (i called them sandales spartiates) with different models & colors. I have mine but stilleto style as i hate wearing flat shoes.
Hi Marichu, i have in sizes 36 to 41... opss just in case naghanap ka pa rin.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

it's pretty nice, pero parang namimili ng paa, not everyone can get away wearing that i think.

buy ka francine, magandang pang belly dancing yan, especially pag naka costume ka.

kala ko sponsored post ^_^

Francine said...

i wanted to have one pero have to check if bagay sa paa ko.sus sobra dumi paa ko dito.pano mahal yung spa lolz.wish ko lang sponsored post din to pero im still studying how it works. di ko alam yung pano e

Lucille said...

hi francine! depende sa model between 25 to 50 euros, yes i have some pix sarado e-shop ko kaya eto isa-isahin ko na lang: this,this

& this and also this
Hala ka if ever you want to buy sakin unfortunately can't go anymore sa la poste, still hectic here grr! field trip ni louis tomorrow, kermesse ni cathy friday, finalized my bagage on sat. & gala sa sunday! pagbalik ko na lang ha! hope uso pa haha anyway summer pa pagbalik ko dito kaya pwedi pa ang spartiates! pag hindi na uso, ba pa-usohon natog balik! lol
eto pala sakin spartiates na na may tikod!