Saturday, 16 June 2007

What's in my Kikay Kit?

My Japanese classmate asked me what's in my kikay kit. Alangan namang ilahad ko lahat lahat in the classroom eh syempre mga boys they'll see how kikay I am. I told her to visit my blog and I will show it here. Voila ma camarade, shhhhhh... It will be our petit secret okay?

Binaca Aerosol Breath Spray, Peppermint. This one is a must also. This is one of the most important kikay kit I've got. Of course, kelangan laging mabango. You will never know what will happen in a day right? So much better na you're always ready and you always smell good and look good to complete your kikay kit. It is always a plus factor rin na you have fresh breath no matter how long your day is or how tired you are.

French manicure never run out of style. It is chic and classy. These 2 items are always in my bag. A beautiful hand is always a plus factor. I always depend on Maybelline French Manicure kit coz its fast and it fits perfectly inside my small kikay bag and at the same time, it is very fast to do it. Manicure service at the parlor here in France is quite expensive so I do the manicure by myself. Eh di laki ng natipid ko di ba eh euros kaya yun.

If I am lazy enough to put on a lipstick, I just use this Bodyshop lipgloss. It is a convenient multi-functional double-ended product that offers a rich matte long-lasting (now up to 6 hours) lip color at one end and a high-shine clear gloss at the other. The gloss also acts as a color sealant. Dermatologically tested. Simple and fast to apply on.

My Bodyshop lipstick is one of my favorites too. It has a wide range of rich and luxurious, moisturizing lipsticks that offer long-lasting, intense color coverage while helping to condition the lips. Dermatologically tested.

Hermes Eau d'orange verte. This one is what I use everyday. I have another perfume that I use for special ocassions but I think it is every women's secret to have their own favorite scent which they can't share to anyone. Sorry girls but this one is not bad at all. My other scent, it will remain a secret. This hermes is very refreshing. I can't live without this one. Refresh yourself. A stimulating harmony of citruses, wood and mint.

Maybelline Eye Liner Expert Eyes. Mine is dark brown. This dual-purpose pencil works as defining brow filler and a precision eyeliner. For best results: When using as an eye liner, apply along your lash line from the inner to the outer corners. When using as a brow filler, fill in and extend your brow shape by following your natural arch and applying with short, feather-like strokes

Gemey Maybelline waterproof mascara. 100% smudge-proof full-length mascara lengthens up to 50%. Resists smudging and raccoon eyes for up to 12 hours.For maximum length, place brush at the base of your lashes and gently roll out and through to tips. Continue this sweeping and rotating motion until you achieve your desired look. Removes easily with Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Makeup Remover Towelettes or Expert Eyes 100% Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Lancome compact. The PHOTOGENIC ULTRA NATUREL COMPACT formula controls and diffuses the light to leave your complexion photo-perfect in every light. Its lightweight micro-fine powders give a satiny matte finish to your skin and offer a perfectly comfortable make-up result.Your complexion is even and glowing with natural radiance all day long.

BodyShop in Shimmerwaves/bronze. Shimmer Waves can be swept together for an all-over glow, or use individually to accent particular areas, making it the ultimate in compact color. Key ingredients for this one is the Marula oil which comes from the marula tree, native to Southern Africa. The oil is rich in oleic acid, essential to the maintenance of healthy-looking skin.

During my lazy day, just a compact power, a lipgloss , mascara and an eyeliner and I am ready to go...with my Hermes perfume of course. Now mga girls, you know how kikay I am. Yes I have to be lalo na I am married. Dapat laging beauty and smell good at the same time not just for your hubby but for yourself na din di ba? It doesn't mean na once you're married, you'll stop na rin in making yourself presentable.


marie said...

parang pwedeng gawing another taggie yang entry mo ang title eh "What's in your Kikay Kit?"
Re-Belly, sarap talaga mag belly dancing, me nga kahit awkward ang movements sige parin kasi I find it very sexy.

Francine said...

te marie, youre back sa dance studio ni regine tolentino? sexy talaga yung belly dancing. ako i practice infront of the computer trying to follow the steps of the bellydance superstars.kaya lang sobrang bilis.if i couldnt catch it up, i make my own moves hehehe

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

uy bakit nawala yung assignment ko dito? yung tag mo?

buy ako nung lip gloss ng body shop...talaga up to 6 hrs? bukas na bukas din pag punta ko sa mall

Francine said...

te girlie for me it lasts long kasi iba clima dito e tapos i dont pout my lips that much. try it maybe it works for you too and it will last up to 6 hours.hehehehe pag ende, ay patay

Francine said...

te girlie, nasagutan mo na yung assignment na binigay ko sayo. isa lang po assignment mo.sensya na medyo mahaba yun