Thursday, 14 June 2007

Lazy Thursday

I couldn't understand why I am so lazy today. I was able to sleep well last night and I woke up at around 7:10 in the morning today which was not bad at all. At the school, I wasn't that cooperative at all. I was very quite while waiting for noon to come. Just imagine, I didn't even wear any make up or anything. I went to the school with a pair of shorts only and a Zara white t-shirt and a pair of simple black flip-flops. Weird non? Para lang akong nakapambahay na outfit. My seatmate teased me telling me if I was thinking that the school is an extension of my living room. Hehehe what a comment!

During our pause at the class, my classmates asked me if I will be coming this evening for the cocktail. Yes, we use to have cocktail every month to welcome the new students in the establishment. It is an ocassion also to make friends with others and to get to know eachother too. I told them I am not sure if I will be coming or not. I like very much to attend this event but on the other hand, I am really lazy to go out plus, I've got many assignments to do and tonight, hubby and me will be going on a reggae concert. I am overloaded and demain, have to wake up early again. Yes, that's my daily routine here. Wish ko lang me belly dancing class dito pero until now, I still couldn't find one. Te Girlie, got addicted to bellydance superstars video on youtube. Thanks very much


marie said...

hmmmmm...... di ka kaya naglilihi?
try doing arts and crafts or better yet mag beads ka ng bra tops since mahilig mag belly, madali lang.Padalan kita beads and other beading materials kung gusto mo pati cheaper bras na gagawin mo.

Francine said...

sure ka ate marie????WOOOOWWWWW! its a good idea pero its expensive to mail something here pero its really a good idea. id like to make one on my own too