Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Friends à l'ecole

Know what? 1 month and 5 days at the school, I've gained friends right now. Di ko alam bakit mabenta beauty natin sa Italian at sa Spanish people hehehe. Yes, the very first friend I have here is a spanish girl. She doesn't go to school anymore at Alliance as she has to work but we keep on texting eachother what's going on around. We kept on inviting eachother to have a rendez-vous au parc somewhere but bad timing always coz it's either she is busy or she has an appointment or it's the contrary (me). I am really overloaded with my studies especially that the subjects are getting more and more difficult. And in my level, we are more on communicating and expressing our ideas and opinions in french language instead of writing, and oh, listening of course. This month, naging close kaagad kami with this 2 italian girls. They are nice and talkative. I do not have any problems in interacting towards the asians. It is very for us to talk to eachother and open up a subject and bond together than with the europeans but its improving right now. At the class, it is kinda bizarre coz the rest of my asians classmates are setting in one group while me, hehehe I am bizarre too, I am sitting in the middle of this european students (spanish, italian, columbian, mexique, egyptian). I would honestly say that never it existed in my mind to transfer or change my chair somewhere as it is a good way for me to gain friends and to interact with other students and to be able to practice in communicating in french na din. Good source of training no? Dito sa bahay, we talk francolish (french & english) but more on english.

Hmmm ano pa nga ba? Oppps, today is my husbands birthday but he doesn't have any single idea that I prepared a special dinner tonight. I told him I will be very busy as I will have oral recitation demain dans la classe mais hehehe it is only an excuse. Shhhhh wag kayo ingay ha or else kukurutin ko pwet nyo lolz. I prepared french cuisine comme cagnard avec epices, crevettes, porc kebabs mais I will post the pix here later as I have to take shower maintenant. I smell like a chicken maintenant huhuuuu


genalyn said...

aw mao ba good for you naka gain naka ug friends diha,dame tubaga pod akoang pangutana diri sa mohang comments oist.hehehe.happy bday diay sa mohang hubby tery diha.pssst tua koy tagay nimo sa akoang blog hinaot kong motubag ka ato.cge babush labay lang ko and will come back here next time napod.duawa pod to akoang blog aron kabalo ka atong tagay akoang gipasa sa moha.

Francine said...

HEHEHE sorry genalyn, wa nako mabasa kinsa gasuwat comments nako diri. pero korek imo response where sting is hehehe