Wednesday, 6 June 2007


A cebuana tagged me these following interesting questions so I will try to answer it as honestly as I can hehehe:

1. Are you smiling?
– Yes I am. But mostly of the people's first impression towards me is that they thought I am strikta. But once they get to know me better, they said I am funny.

2. When was the last time you met someone new? And who?
– Someone new? Lovelife? hehehe I'm no longer available to this question

3. Do you drink wine?
– Yes, I do. I like du vin rouge et du vin blanc

4. Tell us when was the last time you were annoyed & why?
– I got annoyed last month. It has something to do with my assignments coz teacher gave us many devoirs everyday. Mostly of my time were spent studying and doing my assignments et its annoying coz I didn't have the time for myself to go out or to watch movie

5. Did you ever say bad words like f*** etc.? When was the last time you did?
–Yes, it is PUTAIN in french word et it was a couple of days ago that I said that. But when I sad that one, it is more on a joke way while I was watching a movie with my husband. We said that word not in a bad way when there is something extraordinaire but in a bad way

6. Do you have any friends who are famous?
–Yes. It was my classmate last year whose name is Anne. She is rich and she use to travel anywhere in the world. I remember that one of her ex-bf was the son of the famous singer here in France mais I forgot her complete name et who that guy is as where not that close

7. Last thing you do before going to sleep?
–kiss my hubby

8. What is your favorite facial moisturizer? using it now?

9. Besides your computer, what is your favorite gadget?
–digital camera, mp3, and celfon

10. How many divisions does your parent’s house have?
- can't remember how many exactly

11. Did you ever get drunk, to the extent you throw-up? How many times?
– no et Never

12. Describe your dream bedroom, size, color of the wallpaper & furnitures, etc.
– a bedroom facing the terrace. I like that all the things at the bed like bedsheets are made of silk as it is soft and very relaxing to sleep but unfortunately, it is not what is in the bedroom but I am working to do some changes in the bedroom. Favorite color? Nothing special coz decorations at the bedroom all depends on my mood

13. Your most favorite part of your house?
–Kitchen, bedroom

14.How many hours you spend on computer everyday?
–Ca depend mais maximum of 4 hours maybe

15. For swimwear, one-piece or two-piece?

16. What gift (materially) you want to receive on your next birthday?
–car hehehehhe bahala na volkswagen basta dunay madrivan hehehhe

17. If you can afford, what luxury car you want to own ?
– sports car or limo but no specific brand yet

18. The last time you bought underwear?
–March this year before my flight

20. Where did you met your bf/gf/spouse now?
– here on internet

21. Do you believe that there are instances that cheating is forgivable?
–Cheating is forgivable but it will take time to rebuild that trust which was betrayed. I can forgive maybe but I will not forget the incident

22. What is the most expensive piece of clothing you have? How much it cost?
– digital camera and a pair of shoe that my husband gave me

23. Do you own a boat?
–yes, but in my dream heheheh but I have a small one at the tub

24.Your most favorite viand. (Just one)
–canard et foie gras

25. When was the last time you make love?
–hier soir hehhehe

26. If ever, you’ll be given the chance to run for a position, what would it be?
–president of france

27. Ever joined a beauty & brain contest? Specify.
–no but I'm willing if there are any offers heheehhe

28. If you have to answer the unforgettable final question of Lara Quigaman, (Ms. International 2005) what will be your answer. “What do you say to the people of the world who have typecasted Filipinos as nannies?”
–no comment kay kapoy hunahuna ug answer

29. Any particular thing you want to buy for you father/husband/bf this father’s day?
–yes but I can't afford it right now but it is a secret for the moment


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HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

haha, may assignment pala ako dito...sige gawin ko after ng recital namin ha, patawad muna =)