Friday, 1 June 2007

The Police

Guess where Sting is here. Got a clue???

I was surprised by my husband that he has so many cd collections but more shocked when I saw all his cd compilations of this boy band group THE POLICE. He has all the albums and after listening at it at the car, it was not bad at all. It is more of a boyish or men's kind of music in 80's. Some sample famous songs of this group that are famous here in france or known by the people here are the songs entitled: Reggatta De Blanc, Next to you, So Lonely, Roxanne, Walking on the Moon, Don't Stand so Close to me, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Walking in your Footsteps, Every Breath You Take, Message In A Bottle. Everything this group released from their debut DIY single FALL OUT in 1977 to the revised version of DON'T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME with which they took their final curtain in 1986. Do you know that the singer STING came from this group? Yes, he is. So it is a little trivia now here hehehehe Sorry. While typing this message here, my husband is talking beside me that he's looking for their cd's again just incase he misses any of them. Here is the website of this group: ....oppps, they've got upcoming concert here in Paris, France and it will be on September 29 & 30 au stade de France. See you guys there soon!!


genalyn said...

i think kaning naa sa tunga maoy si sting no?

Lucille said...

hi Francine! kumusta! thank you for dropping sa blog ko ha.

I think the one in the middle si Sting! Fan diay imo bana.
Mine mga dvd movies ang collection pod, dili music cds.
I'll link you up ,too. Thanks for adding me. Amiga diay mo ni janese? asa man ka dapit diri, anhi unya mo pohon ni janese sa balay! mag-binignit ta.

sige, take care diha!