Wednesday, 6 June 2007

L'anniversaire de Mon Amour

french cuisine: canard avec épices

crevettes à la mexicaine, porc avec red pepper, onion, green pepper and the sauce is in mexican style also

badian chef's salad

chocolate cake avec chocolate mousse dedans

carafe à vin as my gift for him. He immidiately used it et filled it with red wine. Of course, meal isn't complete here without red or white wine et fromage. But sorry, I didn't manage to take a photo of the fromage.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. Sorry I am not going to write here his age as it is confidential hehehhe. He didn't have any idea that I've got a gift for him nor had some plans for him hier. After the class, I told him I cannot give him anything coz I don't have any savings et I've got many assignments to do. Was very busy hier: I picked up the cake chez boulangerie patisserie that I ordered, did some groceries, made the french cuisine (cagnard avec épices) for dinner ensembe, prepared a nice table et some rearrangements here at home. Style is mixed with french, mexican et filipino style. La kasi ako maisip what would be the theme et didn't have enough time to do everything. It feels good after seeing how surprised he was with what I did and that he liked the intimate time we had together that I planned for him hier. So, here are some pix. Oh, dnner was very long and we ended up past midnight in the table. Surprising non? But it is like that here. They spend too long on their dining table


HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

Belated Happy Birthday sa iyong esposo.

uy galing galing naman mag luto, kala ko inorder mo lahat yan, from scratch pala gawa mo...galing *claps*

Francine said...

te girlie thanks.pero kaw pa rin the best.wanna keep myself mabeauty pa rin like you

velika said...

waaahh ang sweet tlga! hihihi kakakilig inggit tuloy ako =D