Friday, 22 June 2007

How Vain Are You?

I'm given this assignment (TAG) by Girlie whom I met last year coz of Francesca. We met at Glorieta and it is from her where I learned about these internet marketing.

But anyways, I, myself , tried to took this Vanity Test to check how vain I really am. Surprisingly, this is the result. I thought it would be lesser but hehehe it's shocking.

You Are 66% Vain

You're a little vain, but you also work hard for your good looks.

Just remember, everyone knows you are a total hottie. You don't have to remind them.

Facts about me:

1. I wasn't that very feminine at all when I was still in Philippines. But eversince I got here in France, it changes a little bit. Hubby sometimes used to think that mirror is my bestfriend as I stay too long infront of the mirror before going out at the house and when I am inside the car too. Sometimes he find me funny coz I use to ask him to please drive slowly while I am applying my mascara on, checking my eyebrow or my maquillage.

2. I always believe that once you look good, you will feel good at the same time. For me, if you feel that you look good, it helps enhance your self-confidence.

3. I am into personal care products especially hair products and shower gels. For hair, I am into L'oreal products and I finish it off with Q-Tee Coat Hair Shine that I got from David's Salon while I was still in PI. Every month, I have my hair trimmed coz of split ends and I do my own hot oil treatment here at home. Not at the parlor as it is very expensive and it is in euros.

4. I always read fashion magazines to check what's the hottest style for fashion and accessories and shoes. I am not a fanatic at all but it gives me an idea what items to purchase and what style, color perfectly goes with it.

5. I love denim skirts and feminine tops.

6. I like to exercise and keep myself fit. While I was in PI, I used to go at the gym 3x a week. Here in France, I don't go at the gym anymore but I take advantage when the weather is good to take a walk at the nearby park, jog or riding a bicycle. I dance infront of the laptop too while trying to copy the bellydance superstars perform thru youtube.

7. Opps, I stay very long at the shower too. I am always the first one who takes the shower and sometimes hubby felt sleepy while waiting for me to take his turn. I can't sleep like a baby if I don't take shower again before going to sleep in the evening.

8. I love flipflops.

Voila, those are just a piece of infos about me.

Mind to share me how vain you are too?
LUCILLE (once you're back from your vacation in PI)

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