Saturday, 7 June 2008

Alternative Source Of Income

Wow ! A friend of mine left me a message in my messenger saying that she received her second payment from Clickbooth Affiliate Network. Isn’t it great? I mean blogging has indeed helped us in some ways especially the women and stay at home moms out there. I’m not surprise at all in the last weeks when I saw a survey saying that bloggers are rampantly increasing as each month passes by. As life is expensive at present time, it’s really good to have an alternative source of income online through blogging.

Aside from doing sponsored post, affiliate programs are an alternative option in monetizing one’s blog. The good thing about it is that when you become a publisher, you’ll just copy paste the html codes of the banner on your blog/site. Simple and easy! You’ll instantly get $10 bonus for every single referral you’ll have aside from the 2% gross referral credit. Not bad right? I am a publisher too and I’ll definitely admit that my income from blogging is bigger compared to the income I have from my work. Either you’ll be a full-time or part-time blogger, you’ll surely earn something from your blog. Try your luck online!


irish said...

wow? really? its unbelievable? you earn more from blogging? that is really great francine. i wonder how much you really earn from blogging just starting to earn some bucks now. hopefully it will continue like this. by the way i did the tag for wants in life you gave me, just now. sorry im late

irish said...

wow, that is amazing that you earn more from blogging. that makes me wonder.! im still starting to earn right now, hopefully it will continue. by the way, i just did the tag you gave me about wants in life. sorry if its late.