Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Let's Act And Help These Kids Now!

I was very free this morning and decided to visit one of Philippines online site where I’ll have all the infos as to what’s going on within the country and in the regions. One article really captivated my heart and it is about this boy who’s suffering from scoliosis. I am not a rich woman even if I am living in a foreign country but it has been in my plans to organize a fund raising project here in France to help the children and the people. I’ve been very vocal about this plan towards the french people and I am thinking of making an appointment at the embassy or to talk to somebody here for me to be able to organize a small something. I’ve talked about this project from a friend and we have the same ideas. It’s hard to make this project turn to a reality at the soonest time as I could but I do believe that I’ll manage to do it in the next months or in the next years.

My friends, here’s the entire article and maybe some of us here could help this boy in some ways for him to have a normal life. Here it is:

Suffering from scoliosis… Earth Hernandez would often be in pain.

But he is not losing hope…kind-hearted donors will help him in undergoing treatment.

Earth laments his condition.

“Bakit ako nagkaganito, bakit ako hindi pinapagamot… Pa minsan po ay nakirot po ang likod ko, pag nalamig,” said Earth.

Ten-year old Earth Hernandez has been asking these questions for quite a long time now. He says it is sad that he cannot go through the needed treatment because of poverty.

Earth’s mother Myrisia is saddened by the condition of her only living child.

“Nagkaanak po ako ng apat, tatlo pong babae, isa pong lalake, ngayon namatay po yung tatlo. Hindi ko nga po malaman kung bakit nagkaganun po ang ano ng mga anak ko. Baka daw po yung aming genes ay hindi magka-compatible. Tanggap ko na po iyon, kaya lang po masakit sa loob ko dahil ito, maysakit pa po sya.”

From General Nakar, Quezon, a concerned kababayan brought nanay Myrisia and Earth to Manila… Full of hope that the child would be given the chance to live longer.

Their Good Samaritan named Normelita felt compassion for Earth’s plight.

“Nakita ko talaga yung kahirapan nila.Sa kanya na rin po nagmula, sa bata, na gusto daw talaga niyang mabuhay ng normal yung katawan niya. Ang sabi ko sa kanya gagawa tayo ng paraan,” she said.

An only child, Earth is the only treasure of his parents. Through your compassion, Earth could stay with them longer… and pursue his dreams.

Earth has an appeal, so he can eventually get medical help. “Sana po ako’y inyong tulungan, sana po ako’y maoperahan.”

I have two nieces and one nephew and everytime I see kids or hear something bad relating to kids, it really makes me feel bad especially when I know that they’re suffering into something. This blog may land into people’s home coming from the different countries of the world and I’m asking you guys to share a little of your blessings to the less fortunate one’s. You may help these kids thru BANTAY BATA 163. Check BANTAY BATA 163 site here for more infos and on how you’ll be able to help and reach out these filipino kids.

God bless to the people with BIG hearts!


Lou said...

God bless you more for your kind heart.


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