Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Finger Lickin Good

Days ago, I was really craving for KFC chicken. I went there with my husband and it was the second time. When I'm really in the mood and is dying to eat KFC chicken, I am very much willing to take a bus and a tramway just to go at this fastfood even if there's a McDo here nearby at home. KFC has always been my favorite fastfood aside from Jollibee when I was still in PI but now that I'm in this country, there's no Jollibee at all and when my friend first told me that there's KFC here, I was very happy till now. I don't really care if their menus are different compared back home but I just love spicy chicken. Too bad because they don't have the gravy and they don't have macaroni salad too. It could have been better instead of giving me a ketchup as a dip. For 6 chicken, ice tea and fries, it costed me 6 euros. Mahal no?


lucille said...

hi francine! belated happy birthday sa imo lalabs.
hmm, naglaway ko sa kfc na manok. You know what, during my first trimester, KFC ang ako tambayan pirme tungod sa spicy chicken. Mao na pod naila-ila nako na pinay cashier nagwork sa KFC.
tuod diay, just let u know, i sent already this evening the small envelope.

Lou said...

hi am, ang KFC naa man gravy...im sure you can find recipes on how to make one if you really want to...


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Imelda said...

I am too a KFC eater. Whenever i go to manila or cebu, i always don't miss to eat at KFC. No KFC here yet in Tacloban, too bad.

yap, this is my new blog: http://www.mymoods.net

FRANCINE said...

lucille thanks kaayo. i'll inform you once maabot na diri haus imo padala

FRANCINE said...

lou, yeah im searching for a recipe sa gravy. di lang nako macopy ang gravy nga pareha sa kfc. mas lami ila gravy kesa gravyy ako for sure

FRANCINE said...

imelda thanks for the comment. afir sis coz we both love kfc

Maya said...

you are luck that you have a branch of KFC there.I do patronized it.it reminds me back home.Ito kailangan malala ko may KFC jan para pagnapadaan kami we will be take out bite there.
Hubby doesn't really like it.but ok na rin sa kanya kasi ako at mga bagets like it so much.Ikain mo ko,ha?
anyway about our gravy. mahirap gawin kasi walang liver pate na tulad sa atin. na maraming paminta.Ako rin i been trying to copy our liver sauce sa Pinas. pag nakita ko ang alternative, i'll give it to you.if you like.

FRANCINE said...

maya thanks very much. bait mo naman pero honestly, really miss our gravy sa pinas. hubby doesnt like kfc too pero la syang magawa kasi even if he wouldn't accompany me going there, lalabas at lalabas talaga ako kahit na i have to take a train just to go at this store hehehe.

Francesca said...

francine, hi. Sorry for late visits, nagkatrouble ako, haha.
Alam mo yun?

Kfc is best choice of anjo and marghie.
And totoo, finger licking good talaga siya haha.

So, thanks for youe support sa blog ko, I know you are there, praying in silence that all those nasty guests will go away.

Ala, have a nice day and biz!

Ylan said...

ginahan pud ko ug KFC.. but it took me long to love KFC before because i originally heart Texas chicken... pag sira sa Texas chicken sa SM, guul kaau ko... wala ko choice mukuyug nalang ko sa mga amiga nga adto sa KFC.. eventually, naginahan nako ug kfc hehe bow!

FRANCINE said...

te amy, no probs.sus sobrang busy ng beauty mo tapos dami mong bisita on your blog kaya silip silip lang pag me time though i dont write any comments but its interesting to read your different stories.

ylan, oi mingaw sad ko texas chicken ba pero sus wa jud na diri ba...hai saun na lang