Friday, 6 June 2008

Feast One Hundred & Ninety Two

When you drink soda/pop/coke, do you prefer to drink it from the bottle, a can, or after pouring it into a cup?
- after pouring it into a glass with ice. I prefer it that way because the bubbles are lesser.

What television show are you willing to stay up late to watch?
- Dr. House, CSI :-)

Name one person, place, or thing you think of as brilliant.
- Venice hehe. I just love to visit this place in the near future.

Main Course
Would you be willing to work 4 10-hour days instead of 5 8-hour days in order to save gas?
- I am very much willing to work 10 hours per day and as I don't drive, no problem for me because I just commute by bus or probably will be going at work using bicycle (it's the trend here). It's cheaper that way instead of using a car but I'm still dreaming of having my own car.

If you were a superhero, what would you call yourself?
- Super A hehehe


Ivanhoe said...

I love CSI, too! Have a great FF!

Judy Thomas said...

Happy Friday. I just learned that Hugh Laurie (I love that man) was in some early British shows I loved. I had never put that together. Sometimes it's not so great being a blonde... lol

Have a great weekend.