Friday, 20 June 2008

Friday 5: Too Much for My Taste

What’s too spicy for your tastes?
- too spicy for me? I love spicy foods because I love spices ^-^ but that food that I found too spicy for my taste was the noodles I tried I guess in Eurasie. I poured in the entire chili sauce and when I ate it, goodness, I was not far to cry and to ask for a galon of water.

What’s too sweet for your tastes?
- chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream, strawberries and pastries.

What’s too salty for your tastes?
- salt and this menu I tried too at the french resto. I forgot if it was pork or something but it was salty.

What’s too bitter for your tastes?
- coffee

What’s too sour for your tastes?
- I like sweet and sour foods. Sour alone is a big no no for me!

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