Monday, 2 June 2008

Lighting And Ceiling Fan

Thinking of the upcoming summer, the very first thing that comes into my mind is the hotness. Summer is always hot of course and that would simply mean that our bedroom needs to be rescued. We have to make a decision so soon and have to choose one of the best ceiling fans we saw online. I remember how hot it was here last year and it was quite difficult for me to really sleep well. In the morning, hubby and I were both perspiring and we don’t want to experience that once again for this year. Hubby and I made a deal that he’ll be the one who’ll be paying for the ceiling fan and I’ll be responsible for the forecast lighting. I made this deal because I know that he’s not going to buy the lighting I want for our foyer. By doing this, I can choose any models and styles that I want without asking his opinion. I’m bad right? Sometimes, he doesn’t like the way I organize the things here at home because he finds it very feminine that’s why, it’s best to organize and to rearrange our things out without telling him anything about it ^-^. Have to remind him as well tonight to look for a very good under cabinet lighting coz I’m feed up of the lightning we have.

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