Saturday, 14 June 2008

To Explore The World

Travelling has always been my passion since I was a kid. To anonymous by the way who said that I married a french guy because I haven’t travelled in my entire life. Just want to inform you that you are completely wrong and for your info, I have travelled already in different places when I was still in PI using my own salary. Anyway, your comment and time are very much appreciated though J.

Speaking about travelling, it is my passion still and really would like to visit Venice this year and Rome. Paris is always in my list still even if I’ve been there many times. I’m pretty sure that you guys are dreaming of exploring the other places too. Right? Travelling can be expensive at times because of the hotels or let’s just say the accommodations but once we’ll find the right establishment that offers interesting deals and promos, then, we’ll surely be very lucky. My friend referred me because they’ve tried this. Their apartments and hotels are pretty interesting though especially their hotels in Gran Canaria. Watching the different photos make me really want to visit one of these places for this upcoming summer but don’t know yet if we’ll be exploring Provence first before visiting the other countries.


-Jackie- said...

dropping by here france..

Lou said...

Oi friend, who's this person? Anyways, just don't mind her/him, I'm sure that person has nothing better to do.

Take care,
A Peek Into My Mind
The Shutterbug

caryn said...

uy, my hubby and i tried that for our honey moon. we went to rome, took a train to venice then took an overnight train to paris. really nice! i agree, travel can be heavy on the pocket, but its all so worth it no? have fun!

FRANCINE said...

lou, thanks for the message. yeah i dont mind negative fact, it's encouraging for me :-)

caryn, oi really want to go venice one day.though paris is on my top list still but hopefully this year this plan of mine will be granted

jackie thanks for the comment and for dropping by