Thursday, 12 June 2008

Nothing Special

I am all alone here at home once again. When it’s like this and I miss my husband, I just instantly open our photo albums. Oh, he’s just at work you know but I miss it when he’s here at home because the house is noisy and is filled with laughters. We tease each other a lot and we do act like kids too. As it is hot now here (summer will be next week I guess), I miss the times when we went in Philippines and had a wonderful time especially by diving, snorkelling and island hopping together. I miss my home really and the beach. Hubby and I are like fishes because we both love the water especially during the day. We’re active when the day is really good and we’re lazy too when the day is dull and cold. What do we do when the weather is not so good? We play billiards together! I miss this too. I still remember he told me that I always cheated him when we’re playing billiards. Hmmm, secret lolz ^-^. If only we have the space here at home, it will be a very great idea to purchase one. I really want to have one because I saw a store that offers nice deals for billiards and PoolDawg Review is something that caught my eyes. Well, let’s see.

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