Friday, 5 October 2007

Cerebral Palsy

It must be very hard for parents seeing their kids suffering from cerebral palsy. All the parents want to have a very normal and healthy kids and we all like to give them the best life possible but let’s face it that we can’t control everything that’s going to happen. Cerebral palsy is often mistakenly called a disease but let me tell you that it is not a disease and it is not contagious at all. Based on the research I did, there’s no exact causes or explanations what caused cerebral palsy in most children and if it occurs during pregnancy or after birth.

Life must be very challenging if you are a parent of a child with cerebral palsy. However, there are many resources available to assist you in learning how to help your child cope the situations. Remember, knowledge is power and to have proper education or informations about it will help you understand better the issues surrounding cerebral palsy. Just a piece of advice... be patient if you know or meet someone with CP. They are humans too and they need respect.


NoVa said...

And i would be very ashamed for a person who is shy of admitting someone who have cerebral palsy in the family, my nephew [sister's son] is one of them, i'm sure they're the most precious gift God in this earth.

Its very challenging, and it gives you more happiness seeing them that they are progressing everyday... I have been seeing how hard and difficult my sister with her son, but at the same time it makes her happy everyday as well.

Francine said...

nova korek ka jan. people suffering from cerebral palsy are said to be considered as blessings.a friend of mine din na spanish, her cousin is suffering cp and they took good care of him talaga. they are thankful din at the same time because their business got successful despite na hundres of people are telling them na its a luck to have one like that